Hi im Gender-Bear
Hi I'm Gender Bear   

Welcome to Agender NZ

Agender New Zealand Incorporated is a Non-Profit Organization, which has been supporting Transgender people and their families throughout

New Zealand since 1996. 

Agender NZ is a support and lobby organization for Transgender people including their families, friends and co­ workers.

Agender NZ endeavors to provide one to one help with individuals, where possible. We have organized many transgendered conferences,
We believe unique in the southern hemisphere.

We provide a regular newsletters and are constantly working on issues affecting the whole trans community, such as human rights, health, and identity document issues.

Transgender Info

Agender New Zealand INC provides support and advocacy services throughout New Zealand for ALL within the Transsexual and Transgender Community.

If you would like to know more about Agender New Zealand INC and what our future is, please feel free to contact

email address;  admin@agender.org.nz

Please include a contact Phone number and a suitable contact time in your E-Mail.