Agender Christchruch

We are the South Island branch
of Agender NZ.

Agender Christchurch is dedicated to supporting Transgender (Trans) people from across the gender spectrum. This includes, but not limited to:· FtM· MtF· Intersex· Transsexual· Transgender· Cross-dresser· Whakawahine· Fa'afafine· Fakaleiti· Leiti· Transvestite· Transgenderist· Bi-gendered· Androgyne· Genderqueer

Agender Christchurch provides social support in the Christchurch area and has links to other Trans support groups throughout the South Island.
We maintain a facebook page (Agender NZ) where you can connect with us and each other. We regularly post articles of interest to the Trans community, provide advice, and welcome your feedback.
There is a link to our Facebook page on the main page.

Agender Christchurch hosts informal gatherings for Trans people, partners, supporters and significant others both privately and in Christchurch Trans friendly public venues.
All are welcome.

Our mission for Agender Christchurch To provide Support, Education, Advocacy, and Research for members of The Transgender Community.

Email to make contact.