Forward planning Strategy Agender Nz Inc.

Discussion Paper

 April 2015

For any organization to succeed in the long term it needs to have a ‘game plan’ going forward.

If we are to fulfil our aims, obligations & goals we have to start planning now.

We have to know where we want to be in 5 years from now at least. & to this end I am proposing that we set up as a discussion paper a planned strategy that will take us into the next 5 years & beyond.  I have already said that I believe passionately in Agender & what it stands for.  No one person is bigger than the whole, & we need to work together constructively with one mind & one common goal.

Therefore I suggest the following:

1.  a.    Increase membership. This is absolutely vital in my mind & to this end I propose a target of membership both old & new to be at 100 by  July next year & double that by 2017. Of special significance to me, is the need to target young Trans people to join & engage with us.

    b.    A suggestion for achieving this would be a zero joining fee in the first 12 months, also do we need to be able to offer something by way of an incentive?, the “what’s in it for me” attitude unfortunately seems to be the prevailing theme these days so we need to find ways around this.
Perhaps stressing that by their membership, they are joining with a group that will facilitate for the benefit of all Transgender people, them included?.

2. Establishment of region offices. I propose that once feasibility studies have been made that we form three branches namely one in Hamilton & one in Christchurch (which will cover the South Island at this stage) plus Wellington of course which will be Head Office.  This is to be achieved in the next 12 month period.  In the second year this can be expanded out to include Dunedin, Palmerston North & Auckland.  I would personally like to see Auckland brought back into the fold at the earliest possible opportunity as the advantages could be enormous.  In the third year I would envisage having Whangarei, Palmerston North, Napier & Nelson established.  In addition to this I believe that we could also appoint other regional advisors in places such as Invercargill, Greymouth & Masterton or anywhere where there is a member willing to do so. The Advisors would not be on the executive committee.

3. Be visible & actively participate in debate & pro-Trans action wherever it may be. To develop a document available to all new & existing members who are wanting information on health & medical issues. To circulate this information as widely as possible throughout the health sector especially General Practice.

4.  Continue with funding. I know that Gary has a pretty good handle on this but as we grow we accumulate more eyes & ears, so we always need to be aware of available opportunities especially at regional level.  Funding,  to my mind is a never ending process.

5. Get our business cards out there, re-print the brochure & keep updating the web site. Produce a Health information brochure. Phyllis to advise on this.

6. We can lift our profile by being active in lobbying of MP’s & people at high level in local bodies. Send out information packs to schools, targeting counsellors. Make ourselves available to go speak to any group who requires information & help.

As many of you will know I come from a business & marketing background. Agender ceased to be a small group of enthusiastic friends supporting each other a long time ago, & I feel that we need to look on our organization as more of a collective business enterprise. However as opposed to a business, our aim is not profit driven, but more the desire to build funds so that we can accomplish the most for our members & finance our activities. Everyone has a vested interest.

Let’s not forget though, that the other aim of our organisation is in activism, & that we must always have our eye on the ball when the opportunity presents itself for us to present our point of view to those in positions of power. Additionally we need to be constantly in their faces, just to let them know who & where we are & who we represent.

These are only suggestions & ideas but I feel that we are going to need to be more visible in the community if we are to make a difference. Otherwise we will just be an exclusive self-interest club.

Te aroha ke te katoa