Agender Manawatu

Katherine Best is the Area Advisor for the Manawatu region.

Contact: Katherine Best


Mobile: 0204 0093 096

Agender Manawatu meets on the last Saturday of the month

To find out more please contact Katherine.

WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone who is transgendered basically. Agender Manawatuuses the term transgender to cover all aspects of the gender continuum.Obviously we have transgendered people but the group is for partners and families also. We also are happy to accept supporters as members.

WHAT HAPPENS AT MEETINGS? Well, it's like any other gathering of people, lots of talk, gossip and discussion about the world. Sometimes there are special events and these are identified well in advance.

WHAT DO I TAKE? Yourself, of course, and anything you may need to dress, make-up, etc. Some members contribute a bottle of wine towards the refreshments for the evening. A contribution towards supper would also be greatly appreciated.

WHO RUNS THE GROUP? Each area is voluntarily run by a coordinator.

CONDUCT; Members shall always conduct themselves, at any function of the group, in a respectable manner and have regard for the feelings of other members.

CONFIDENTIALITY; A member shall not identify any other member in any way, without the express permission of that other member, unless required by law. All members will have the strict regard for other members right to privacy and anonymity