Principles of Agender NZ

Agender New Zealand Incorporated is a Non-Profit Organisation,

which has been supporting Transgender people and their families throughout New Zealand since 1996.

To help the transgendered person and partner come to terms with transgenderism in a positive way;
To promote the emotional and social well-being of its members,
and transgender people in general;

To provide a safe and secure venue for transgender people and families to meet together socially and to share information and ideas;

To eliminate the social stigma attached to transgender people;

To educate the general public about transgenderism and work to create a more accepting world;

A safe environment for social gathering coupled with acceptance of all forms of gender difference;

To provide friendship with other like-minded people and space for personal growth and development;

There are branches of Agender NZ in a number of areas of New Zealand.
Please refer to the Branches pages for further information on where we have branches